Samaria Gorge


The gorge of Samaria is the gem of the White Mountains; hidden in the south part of the Chania district, it is the biggest gorge in Europe, covering an area of 18 kilometers in length. The state park of Samaria was added to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (MAB: Man & Biosphere) by UNESCO in 1981, with the aim to give prominence to and to protect valuable habitats for man and the rest of the biosphere.

The gorge of Samaria is counted among the top-destinations of the Chania district and a journey to Chania can never be considered complete, unless you visit the gorge… you should therefore venture a visit there and believe us when we say that its beauty will not let you down…

The gorge’s trail starts at Ksyloskalo (Omalos plateau, 1.227 meters altitude) and after following the river bed, it ends up at the littoral village of Agia Roumeli. The trail of Samaria is the most visited trail in the whole of Greece, it is excellently equipped with signals and signs which eliminate the danger of getting lost, it is comfortable and very well cared for, mostly with stones and soil.

It is not considered a very difficult hike, a vivid proof of which is the fact that hundreds of people cross it daily from the opening (in May) till the closing of its visiting season (in October). It is a very pleasant hike, not a strenuous one, with many landscape alternations and a versatile environment.

One should always keep in mind, however, that though the trail as a whole is not tricky, one should be more careful during some parts of the trek.

The hike is not suggested for people facing health problems, or suffering from conditions affecting their lower extremities the elderly pregnant women.

Trip Itinerary

We pick you up from your hotel or a location in its vicinity early in the morning and we drive you with our bus and our escort – mountain guide – to the Omalos plateau.

The escort collects the money for the gorge entrance fee and the ferry fare (Agia Roumeli – Sougia) in the bus, in order to give you your tickets later.

After reaching Omalos, we stop at a traditional tavern, giving you the chance to have breakfast or drink coffee (optional) before you enter the gorge.

Subsequently, you pass through the entrance to the gorge and start your hike. In the gorge you walk at your own pace. Our escort comes in an hour after you for safety reasons, so as to follow after you.

Should you need any sort of help during the hike, you can ask for their help.

The gorge ends up at the village of Agia Roumeli; our escort will have already stipulated a meeting point there, in order for them to give you the tickets to the ferry, which will take you from Agia Roumeli.

You have free time to swim in Agia Roumeli and lunch (optional) in one of the village’s taverns.

At 17:30 you go aboard the ferry, Sougia or Sfakia (usually Sougia) being your destination.

When you reach the port, our bus will be waiting to return you to your hotel.

Our bus returns you to the location you have been picked up from.

Your trip has come to an end… get some rest!!!

The equipment you must have with you

Proper footwear and socks.

A hat.


A bottle of water.

A swimsuit and a beach towel.

Lazy way

If you don’t wish to cross the whole of the gorge, you are able to follow an easier itinerary. For starters, you follow the same itinerary as the rest of the group until Ksyloskalo and you get to see the entrance to the gorge. You then return to the bus and continue to Sougia, where from you take the ferry to Agia Roumeli.

After you reach Agia Roumeli you can walk for as long as you like, until the doors located 2 kilometers further in on the trail, after you have, of course, paid the 5€ entrance fee, or you can stay in Agia Roumeli, swim and later depart with the rest of the party, taking the same ferry back.

Samaria Gorge Trip days



Air-conditioned-bus transportation.

Escort – mountain guide (Greek-speaking, English-speaking).

Not included

Entrance fee (children up to 15 years old don’t pay a fee) Ferry fare:

Agia Roumeli – Sougia.

Agia Roumeli – Sfakia. Whatever is being referred to as “optional”.


Adults: from 27,00 €

Children: 1-5 years old, free.

Trip Duration

Approximately 14 hours.

Above mentioned prices and itineraries pertain to following areas

Chania city.

Daratso – Agioi Apostoloi.



Agia Marina.






If you are not staying in one of the above mentioned areas, please ask as about the itinerary and the price!

General information

The duration of the hike is at least 5 hours and that’s why you must wear proper footwear with socks, a hat, light-colored clothing and sunscreen. You must have a bottle of water with you (there is drinking spring water along the trail), a light snack, if you wish, and of course a walking mood.

Camping is not allowed in the gorge, you can’t spend the night there, light a fire, smoke (you can only do so at the special milestones on the trail), you can’t hunt, set traps, bring guns or animals along, you can’t uproot plants and you are of course not allowed to bathe in the river.

We must keep the lavatories clean for the sake of our own health and we mustn’t throw paper inside the toilets.

You must hold on to the ticket issued at the entrance of the gorge until the end of the hike, in order to go through control at the exit gate.